We Heart You, Too!

With Valentine’s upon us there is love in the air and heart-shaped goodies everywhere. DidCopyright : Camilo Maranchon Garcia you know that your Columbus, Indiana Family Chiropractic and Wellness office doesn’t just care about pain management by relieving soft tissue discomfort associated with musculoskeletal pain? We heart you, too!Research indicates that regular chiropractic adjustments may prevent heart attacks, lower blood pressure, relieve chest pain, reduce heart rate and support the cardiovascular system, according to the Palmer Chiropractic College.

Chiropractic care does not attempt to treat or cure heart disease, but it definitely can help! Adjustments by one of our trained and certified chiropractors can correct vertebral subluxations, which interfere with normal nerve and body function. When ‘normal’ nerve function is restored the heart and the cardiovascular system is allowed to function at their optimal potential.  Chiropractic care can boost immunity, rise vitality, alleviate a variety of musculoskeletal ailments and even strengthen the heart and cardiovascular system.

Studies have shown that chiropractic manipulations can help to prevent heart attacks, reduce heart rate, relieve chest pain, and decline blood pressure, which is all good news for your heart! We “swoon” over the opportunity to significantly effect your blood pressure and anxiety levels! According to a study in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, the systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels along with the patients’ anxiety levels were examined before and after an adjustment. In all cases, patients who received active treatment experienced a distinct decrease in blood pressure and a drop in their anxiety levels. Just more evidence that chiropractic treatment can offer support to the cardiovascular system as well!

So as your pine over Valentine’s Day cards, mull over candy selections and pick the prettiest of flowers, also consider the heart of the matter by investing in the health and sustainability of you and your loved ones wellness.

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