Sleep Position

Many people underestimate the importance that sleep position can play in muscle and joint pains.  You spend around 1/3 of your day in bed, so don’t let sleep position contribute to your problems!  Sleep should be your time to heal and repair, so keep the position as “neutral” as possible.

First…NO stomach sleeping.  You would never spend hours at a time with your neck rotated during the day, and you shouldn’t at night either.  Stomach sleeping is not only hard on the neck, it also contributes to lower back pain. When on your stomach, your low back has to arch, putting more strain on the muscles and joints.

The best positions are side and back.  BUT….pillows (not just the one under your head) are important.

On your side:  1. Place a pillow between your knees. This keeps the hips, pelvis and lower back aligned.  2. Hug a pillow.  This helps keep your shoulders square and doesn’t allow your arms to collapse in. 3. The pillow under your head should adequately fill the space between your head and shoulder–not too thick and not too thin.  A contour shape also is beneficial in this position.

On your back:  1. Place a pillow under your knees.  When the legs are straight out it causes the lower back to arch up. 2.  A contour pillow under your head becomes very important in this position. The contour shape helps to support the neck in a “c” position, as it’s anatomically designed.

Sleep habits can be hard to break, but with a little perseverance they’ll go a long way!

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