Tis The Season For Slips and Falls

During ice and snow season the potential for injury from slipping or falling increases greatly for people in all age groups.

In open-minded circles there is the knowledge that healing the human body and mind is potentially faster when proven holistic (“total person”) therapies are incorporated with traditional medical care. What we’re referring to is professional chiropractic care by the healing hands of a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) like Doctor Mandy Wyant, the only female chiropractor in Columbus, Indiana.

Medical research continues to prove that some short term and prolonged illness stems from bones and joints being out of alignment. Body pain is the most common sign of a nonalignment health problem. Healing time can potentially be reduced along with out of pocket costs for treatment using professional chiropractic manipulative therapies. Facts prove that chiropractic care is more cost effective in comparison to treating pain through traditional mainstream medicine.

If there is obvious or perceived head trauma or broken bones from a slip or fall on the ice, seek traditional medical care from an MD without delay. If pain or soreness persists or increases; prescribed or over the counter pain relievers may not help the root cause. A slip or fall can cause a nonalignment problem that can only be treated through chiropractic care.

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