Tips for Fighting Cold Weather Pain

family chiro cold weather painWith the decrease in temperature, muscle and joint inflammation increases, instigating irritation and pain. The ill-effects of fighting cold weather can be weathered by following the below outlined tips:

Dressing Warmly

Blood circulation is imperative during cold weathers. Wearing vests and sweaters can keep the chest region warm at all times. By extension of this, while heading outside, wear hat, gloves and jacket to minimize exposure to cold weather.

Cold weather usually has its own set of variables. As a result, using protective gear is all the more necessary for preventing any further illnesses. It’s advised to walk slowly during winter for allowing muscles and joints to ease through the weather change.


During cold weather, periods of sedentary are prolonged and physical activity is reduced to a bare minimum. As a result, longer periods of inactivity can lead to muscle and joint pain. It’s advised to exercise (light exercise) to prevent stagnation of muscles from prolonged inactivity. It’s time to start thinking of an exercise schedule that you can maintain for the cold months.

Warm Water

Hot water baths and indoor swimming are great remedies for averting muscle and joint pain. Transition slowly to hot water to prevent other ailments. Keep the water temperature between 90-100 for a healthy range.

Vitamin D Supplements

Insufficiency of vitamin D inflames osteoarthritis. Your intake of vitamin D drastically decreases during the winter. To counter this deficiency, it’s advised to add vitamin D into your daily diet as it will assist in preventing bodily weakness as well.

Supplements of Glucosamine-Chondroitin

Most individuals and elder population counter joint pains during winter with glucosamine. It’s an efficient pain reliever agent. Using this effectual pain healing cream, the inflammation is relieved in less than 15 minutes. The glucosamine cream is applied on the inflamed region where it can rebuild joints and decreases body inflammation.

Fish Oil

For countering any signs of muscle and joint pain, omega-3 fatty acids relive joint pain and osteoarthritis. Krill oil is an enriched source of imega-3 fatty acids.

Seeking a Chiropractor

Muscle and joint pain can be severely debilitating, as it can hinder daily movements. Ranging from neck pain to foot inflammation, it can impede your daily routine. A chiropractic treatment is another efficient method of healing muscle and joint pain.

Chiropractors not only deal with back problems, but also joint pains and muscle inflammation. A chiropractor treats the root cause of the pain as opposed to dealing with symptoms. They can cure a range of pains including neck pain, back pain, osteoarthritis and muscle spasm.

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