Teething Home Remedies

Many pediatricians, scientists, researchers and parents have disagreed about the concept of teething, but any mother  of a little one will tell you that whether or not it’s just a coincidence their babies are miserable when their teeth start coming in.


Recognizing that there really isn’t anything that can be done medically is little comfort to a parent who is dealing with a fussy, cranky, miserable little baby. Knowing what to do to ease their discomfort and relieve some of the pain is empowering to a concerned parent potentially feeling powerless.

The first thing to understand is that there are natural, holistic choices, and it is never going to be necessary to resort to pain relievers or gum-numbing agents. These items can actually do more harm than good, and aspirin should never be given to a baby even to rub on their gums, as it has been linked with the potentially deadly disease, Reye’s Syndrome.

Acetaminophen should also never be used, as the long-term effects of the chemicals in pain relievers on infants have not been recorded.

With regards to gum-numbing agents, while they have been found to be effective, it may be potentially dangerous. Popular pediatrician, Dr. Sears says on his website, “We do not recommend commercial gum-numbing substances because it is difficult to learn their exact contents and find research that validates their safety.”

Alternative Relief

The only over-the-counter teething treatment approved by homeopathic and holistic professionals are teething tablets. Designed specifically to help babies with their teething symptoms, these tables dissolve immediately in the mouth and naturally relieve swelling and pain. Additionally, there are many home remedies that can help to relieve pressure, pain and discomfort. The first thing to understand is that the baby’s gums are sore and aching. A sharp tooth is trying to push through the gums and this is what is causing the discomfort and resultant fussiness. Anything that will counter-balance that pressure is going to bring relief.

Many parents have reported that a clean wet washcloth put in the freezer for a short time, then given to the baby to gnaw on brings welcome relief. The cloth can be dipped in water or strong chamomile tea. The choice of tea adds
a calming agent and is soothing to an infant’s tummy. Similarly, a frozen banana given to the baby will give them something natural to gnaw on. Any item that might be used by the parent should be monitored to not be so small that the child could choke on. Ice in a sandwich bag, then wrapped in a cloth works well, and for the older child already eating solid foods, cold soft foods such as applesauce or diced papaya can bring relief.

Other Home Remedies

Although in Europe the use of an Amber necklace has been used, it has recently become more popular in North America. This fossilization of resin of ancient trees is touted to have natural calming, relaxing and analgesic properties.

Dr. Feder, a holistic medical doctor, recommends several homeopathic remedies; belladonna for teething accompanied by sudden fever, calcarea carbonica for chubby and sweaty babies especially while nursing or during sleep, calcarea phosphorica for delayed teething and chamomilla for swollen, inflamed and tender gums.

The Chiropractic Factor

It’s important to not interfere with the natural routine of teething. Every child is different, but teething has been proven to be hereditary. If an infant’s parents’ first tooth appeared when they were three months, then it’s safe to assume this will be generational. It’s not even unusual for a baby to be born with a tooth already in place. Recognizing the body’s innate ability to work as it was designed, Family Chiropractic and Wellness’ Chiropractors guide parents in natural ways to care for their children.

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