Shocking Reasons Why You’ll Love Chiropractic Care


family chiropractorIt’s well known that chiropractic care and treatments can relieve back and neck pain. Most people aren’t even aware that this science can be used to address a variety of problems. People visit chiropractors for ailments like backache but soon understand how much of a positive impact they can have on their overall health. At Family Chiropractic and Wellness, we’ve listed down the advantages of chiropractic care that surprise our patients the most.


Your body’s immunity is influenced by your nervous system. After all, this system controls the actions of the tissues, muscles, and organs. When they’re in good condition, the immune system works well and can fight off most viruses and bacteria. As you know, the spine is central to the nervous system and communicates with different tissues and organs.

When the spinal cord isn’t aligned properly, it can affect the communication and hamper the performance of the tissues, cells, and organs. That leads to compromised immunity. A chiropractor can address this problem.


When the bones on your spine are locked and the muscles in your back and neck are stiff, you might feel less energetic. This is mostly because the energy flow in your body is hampered by the misaligned spine and the stiff body. Chiropractors can correct this problem. Your back muscles will be supple again and your spine would regain its flexibility. That would restore your energy.

Blood Pressure

Chiropractors can perform something called the atlas adjustment. It adjusts the first cervical vertebrae in the neck. According to research, this adjustment is equivalent to two blood pressure pills. This adjustment will release the nerve supply to the heart and reduce blood pressure until its stable. As the spinal nerves in this area help regulate blood pressure, it’s vital to remove any blockage or obstruction here.

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