Numbness, Tingling, and Chiropractic Care

Commonly caused by impingement of the spinal nerves, numbness and tingling are abnormal sensations that can occur anywhere in the body, but mainly felt in hands, feet, arms and legs. If the bones of the spine are misaligned, they create pressure on nerves traveling to the arms, hands, legs, and feet.

It is essential to remove the pressure to alleviate the numbness and tingling. Improperly diagnosed, numbness and tingling can persist and become worse. It may also lead to muscle weakness and pain. Chiropractor adjustments can remove nerve impingement.

Pain, numbness, or tingling can be very severe and should be properly treated. Our chiropractors at Family Chiropractic & Wellness have extensive knowledge to diagnose the problem. Our goal is removing nerve interference. Specific techniques are used to treat nerve irritation without invasive drugs, shots, or surgery.

Spinal adjustment helps to normalize spinal reflexes, which send messages from the body to the spinal cord and vice versa.

Schedule an appointment with us. We can treat the root cause of numbness and tingling, eliminating the discomfort of constant, unexplained numbness.