Movement Is Life. Keep Moving!

14767600_sWe at Family Chiropractic and Wellness literally cringe every time a patient tells us that they sit at their computer for hours on end without getting up and moving for a few minutes. Movement is synonymous with good health and the lack of it can cause a myriad of health problems. Motion is crucial for life. If you think even briefly about it, you realize how necessary it is for air to move through your lungs, for blood to pump through your heart and circulate through your body, and for your intestines to move food through you in order to give you the nutrition you need to sustain life. However, despite this common knowledge, many complain that they are too busy at work to comply with our strong recommendation to get up and move every 15-30 minutes. The truth: you could be even more productive if you did move! Joint movement, especially in the spine, has a direct bearing on your brain’s ability to coordinate activities such as thinking, moving your muscles (like typing!), concentrating and learning, having a healthy immune system and even feeling your emotions. Regular movement not only helps keep your joints from becoming stiff and painful but also helps you concentrate better at work.

Our suggestions to help you move every 30 minutes:

  • Take water breaks. Walking to the water cooler gets your legs moving and the water intake helps you reach your daily water goals.
  • Take moments to stretch your arms and legs. These movements can even be done while sitting.
  • Walk outside and then back to your desk. You only need around 1 minute and 40 seconds of movement every 30 minutes to make an impact.

Most importantly, Family Chiropractic & Wellness wants you to move and to keep moving. Movement is life.

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