Is It Time For A Tune-up?

11230851_sSimply put, you should visit the chiropractor every time you feel you need it. You know your body best and if you are experiencing discomfort, it is vital to seek relief. Family Chiropractic & Wellness prides itself on providing such relief to hundreds of patients in the Columbus, Indiana area. Depending on your specific issue you may be recommended to come in weekly or even three to five times a week for a short period of time until the issue is resolved. By knowing your body and how it responds to adjustments, you and our staff can decide what works best for you.

But did you know that regular visits to the chiropractor are proven to be highly resourceful for your overall health? Just as you would schedule a tune-up for your car, dental cleanings or a yearly physical at your primary care doctor, having regular adjustments to catch minor misalignments before they cause problems, a chiropractic adjustment anywhere from once a month to twice a year can be extremely impactful and aide in preventative care. A body that is properly aligned is better able to “bounce back” from injury than a body without proper alignment, thus patients who regularly see a chiropractor often avoid injury, and/or have quicker recovery times or even increase your body’s ability to heal itself.

Family Chiropractic & Wellness will recommend to what extent treatment is best for you and how often you should come in for a “tune-up” based on your specific needs. Call Family Chiropractic & Wellness today for an appointment to discuss a custom plan at 812-373-3376.