How Chiropractic Care Can Help Tennis Elbow

chiropractic tennis elbow

It was fun watching The US Open this weekend!

Did you know that chiropractic care can address a wide variety of problems and injuries, including tennis elbow. Many patients suffering from this ailment have experienced a marked relief with just a few sessions with our chiropractors at Family Chiropractic & Wellness.

What is Tennis Elbow?

While it’s often associated with the game, this problem isn’t always caused by tennis. Tennis elbow is formally known as lateral epicondylosis and the pain is usually centered on the outer section of your elbow and the upper section of your forearm. This pain usually is a result of an inflammation in the tendon and the lateral epicondyle, which is the bone-like protrusion on your elbow.

This injury is usually caused by overuse of your arm. It harms the common extensor tendon that exists outside of the elbow. This tendon is a part of the group of muscles that allow your wrist to extend.

The common symptoms that the chiropractor would look for in such cases are a weakness in the wrist, any sort of tenderness outside your elbow, any pain in lifting or bending your arm, any pain when gripping something and lifting it, and difficulty extending the arm completely.

Tennis Elbow and Chiropractic Treatment

First and foremost, we recommend our patients that they should follow the RICE protocol. This means you need to Rest your injured hand, apply Ice on it, use a brace or a crepe bandage to Compress it, and keep it Elevated. We also recommend that you take care to prevent such injuries by warming up properly and knowing your limits.

To get complete reduction of pain, in our practice we first examine your arm to locate the problem. Sometimes, the problem is in the alignment of the bones and the function of the joints. Chiropractors will address this problem first.

The next treatment involves improving your blood flow to that region. We carefully massage that area. We can also use methods like acupuncture, cold-laser therapy, or ultrasound to treat your tennis elbow problems.

Our intention is to reduce the pain by 50% during the treatment before implementing a thorough rehabilitation program.

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