Different Chiropractic Treatments

Chiropractic Treatments Columbus IndianaMost people don’t realize that chiropractors offer a number of different treatments other than spinal manipulation and adjustments. In fact, in some cases, adjustments aren’t required at all. At Family Chiropractic & Wellness, we offer treatments that fit the problem and won’t recommend adjustments if they won’t help you with your problem. Here’s a list of alternative treatments that we do offer:

  • Hot and Cold Treatments –Inflammation in muscles and tissues can be addressed by hot and cold treatments. The chiropractor will alternatively apply hot and cold packs on affected areas on your back. The ice pack is applied for 10 to 15 minutes to numb the skin before the hot pack is applied to the area. This helps reduce the inflammation and promotes healing.
  • Massage –Massage can help improve blood circulation, lower stiffness and pain, and restore flexibility. This treatment is a vital part of chiropractic therapy and most experts know how to perform different styles of massages. Chiropractors have in-depth knowledge of muscles and bones and know just how much pressure is needed to encourage healing and alleviate pain.
  • Ultrasound- Ultrasound machines create small sound waves that generate significant amount of heat. This heat is applied to soft tissue and joints to help soothe pain and ease stiffness. The feeling is similar to a micro-massage and will help reduce stiffness in joints, lower back pain, spasms, lack of flexibility, and other such problems. A chiropractor will use this in conjunction with different treatments to encourage the healing process.
  • Electrical Stimulation – Many medical professionals use electrical stimuli to address muscle problems and stiffness, and this includes chiropractors. Electrical muscle stimulation should always be performed under strict supervision from an experienced chiropractor but it’s not really dangerous because all you feel is a slight tingle. The machine will send very light electrical pulses to your muscles and tissue. This helps reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation, and ease any pain and stiffness.

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