Children’s Stretching Exercises for the Olympic Season

Children’s Stretching Exercises for the Olympic SeasonThe Olympics is a great motivator and often encourages children to try new sports and activities. It’s not uncommon for children to attempt gymnastic stunts or long jumps like the athletes they see on TV. While parents should encourage this as much as possible, they should also take time to teach them safety precautions.

At Family Chiropractic & Wellness¸ we recommend parents teach simple stretches and exercises to children; these would keep them flexible and minimize the risk of injury this Olympic season. Here are some stretches that are safe for children.

  • Kneeling Stretch- Ask your child to kneel on a firm but soft surface, with his/her feet together and knees apart. Once they’re in position, ask them to stretch their arms to the side with their palms facing up. After they’re steady, ask them to bend enough to nearly touch their forehead to the floor and hold the position for 10 seconds. This would be excellent stretching for their back.
  • Shoulder Blades Stretch-This is a great stretch to bring flexibility to the shoulders and back. Ask your child to stand in a comfortable position with a straight posture with their arms stretched out. Their palms should face backwards and their thumb should be pointed towards the ground. Ask them to squeeze their hand behind their back and hold the stretch for 10 minutes.
  • Hamstring Stretch- Tell your child to sit with a straight posture on a soft mat and stretch their legs out before them. Make sure their feet are together when they do this, as this will ensure maximum stretch without injury. Tell them to bend their right knee until their right foot is firmly placed on the ground by the left leg. After that, they need to bend forward and reach for the toes of their left leg. They then need to repeat the process with the other leg.

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