Children Can Benefit From Chiropractic Treatments Too!

When I started going to Family Chiropractic and Wellness I was doing it for myself. I was checking and seeing what I could do to get myself in better shape, feeling better and increasing my energy and flexibility. Making sure I didn’t have any problems so I’m able to take care of a little boy. He runs me ragged. He wears me out. Keeping up with him is a full time job.

As I was going to get my treatments, Dr. Beckner talked about treating babies and kids. I thought that was fascinating. I didn’t know that kids would need chiropractor care at such a young age. And he explained to me that most kids are not ambidextrous. They use either right hand or left hand, right foot or left foot. Dr. Beckner said that just using one side causes those muscles to become stronger and could cause a misalignment in the body. I thought well maybe I should bring my kid in and have Dr. Beckner look at him.

Zaiden plays baseball and soccer. He keeps busy and stays active. I wanted to make sure he could maintain that mobility and that strength throughout his life. So we took him in. They ran an evaluation on him where they took a look at his shoulders, his spine, his legs, his hips and everything. They showed me where even at 8 years old he had misalignment. I thought well we’ve got to get him back in here. We’ve got to get him taken care of.

I don’t want him growing up and having back problems, head problems, whatever problems. He went in for treatments. His weren’t nearly as in-depth as mine being that he was younger. He straightened out a lot quicker. But we still go in every month to make sure that we can continue playing the sports and keeping up with one another and keeping good posture working on our stretches or exercises.

We want to make sure that he doesn’t have any of the problems that I had with headaches or flexibility. We’re doing everything we can to make sure we give him what I couldn’t have when I was younger or what they may not have even known about when I was younger.

Just making sure that he can live a long healthy life.

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