Backpack vs. Back – Safety Tips by Expert Chiropractors

Backpack vs. Back - Safety Tips by Expert Chiropractors

Wearing heavy backpacks or wearing them incorrectly can cause serious damage to the neck and spine and most parents have started to realize this now. On the surface, backpacks seem harmless but continuous wear isn’t good for your body. Chiropractors encourage parents to choose carefully and make sure their child wears it properly. At Family Chiropractic & Wellness, we often suggest tips mentioned below to our concerned patients.

1 – Find the Right Size

If the backpack is too small or too big, it can mess with the natural alignment and balance of a child’s body and cause problems. Most parents purchase larger backpacks because it’ll carry more supplies and books, but that can actually harm your child because they’ll have to lean forward to support it. The bag shouldn’t hang past four inches below the waist and it shouldn’t be wider than the child’s torso. This will be the first step to ensure the backpack doesn’t cause any problems to your child’s spine.

2 – Compartments are Important

Compartments aren’t just for organization’s sake. They distribute the weight of the contents evenly to ensure one side doesn’t weigh more than the other. This event distribution will reduce the risk of poor posture and strain to the spine. You should teach your child to place the heaviest loads closest to the body and lightest loads farthest. This will take pressure off the shoulders and ensure the entire back is supporting the weight comfortably.

3 – Padded Straps

Thin, tough straps can dig into the shoulders and place pressure on the neck and shoulders. Padded straps will offer extra protection and ensure the bag sits comfortably. You should also make sure the straps are adjustable because loosely hanging bags can damage the posture and add to the strain.

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