Back Saving Tips for Spring Cleaning


back saving tips family chiorpractor columbusCleaning can be a nightmare for your back. That’s especially true if you’re spending hours going from one room to another, cleaning from the top of the room to the bottom. You might not realize it but you are straining your back quite a lot when you clean your home.

After all, you reach upwards to clean high places, bent down to get under the furniture, and move heavy things around if you’re being really thorough. At Family Chiropractic & Wellness, we’ve seen several people strain and injure their back during spring cleaning. Here are few ways to avoid that.

1 – Warm Up

Cleaning is rigorous exercise disguised in the form of a chore. As you’re aware, every exercise requires a warm-up. You need to stretch and make sure that your body is supple and ready for spring cleaning before you jump into it. If you do this, your body would be relaxed and your mind will be focused. Chiropractors can recommend stretches and exercises that would help you keep your back healthy and stress-free.

2 – Make a List and Divide it

Being organized will make your spring cleaning go more smoothly. You would be able to get things done at your own pace and without straining your back. You should first note down all of the essential tasks and get them done first. You can then move on to tasks that aren’t a priority. Make sure that you give yourself some breathing room to complete a particular room or area. If you rush through cleaning, you won’t do a good job and will strain your body.

3 – Switch Hands

Don’t just work with your dominant hand. That will strain your arm and your back. Instead, keep switching back and forth between your hands. That would lessen the fatigue.

4 – Posture

Posture is very important. You need to avoid excessive twisting, reaching or bending. So, wherever you can, use tools like mops and vacuums to reach. Keep your hands as close to your body as is comfortable. As long as you don’t have to stretch and reach, you won’t experience any discomfort in your back. If you do experience strain, you should visit a chiropractor to address the problem.

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