4 Common Excuses to Not Visit a Chiropractor

If4 Common Excuses to Not Visit a Chiropractor you’ve suffered from a recent injury or are feeling pain that’s forcing you to take painkillers, getting chiropractic care might be a good solution for you. Good chiropractors might be able to address the pain and help your body heal naturally. Several physicians do recommend the treatment whenever they feel chiropractic care might benefit their patient.

However, at Family Chiropractic & Wellness we’ve noticed that most people avoid treatments, even when it’s recommended. We’ll address some of the most common excuses to not visit a chiropractor.

#1. It’ll Hurt

This is one of the most common excuses a person makes when they want to avoid chiropractors. There’s a prevalent belief amongst people who haven’t experienced the treatment, that chiropractic care is painful. The fact of the matter is that chiropractors spend several years learning to do adjustments correctly. They make sure that the treatment doesn’t hurt. In fact, most patients get almost immediate relief from existing pain.

#2. It’ll Make Things Worse

Here in Columbus, Indiana, we’ve heard many people voice this belief. They think that visiting a chiropractor and allowing them to do adjustments would only worsen the pain. That’s highly unlikely. Chiropractors study your body and musculature though x-rays. They understand what the underlying problem is before administering the treatment. None of the adjustments would increase your pain or cause you harm.

#3. It Doesn’t Work 

Most people believe that the treatment won’t work or offer any benefit. It’s true that in some cases, the underlying problem needs to be addressed through more invasive treatments like surgery, etc. However, that’s not always the case. If you choose a skilled chiropractor, you’ll find that most of your ailments are addressed easily. 

#4. I’ll Have to Keep Going

Another excuse for avoiding chiropractic treatment is the general misconception that you’ll have to carry-on with the treatment for your entire life if you want it to be effective. People believe that these treatments aren’t long-term solutions. That’s not the case. The length of the treatment depends entirely on your problem and your general lifestyle. The chiropractor will design a set schedule and suggest a diet and exercise plan. If you follow the plan, you’ll see good results.

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